Nurse For Chemotherapy

Nurse For Chemotherapy

Cancer care at home can be challenging for the patient and for loved ones. With a help of a medically trained Oncology nurse, you can avail Central line care, PICC line care and supporting Oncological care in the comfort of your home

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Cancer is the abnormal growth of cells it has the tendency to rapid multiplying of the cells in an uncontrolled manner and even in metastasize.These cancer cells transform into tumor which can be a benign or cancerous. A cancerous tumor can grow and spread the cells to the body but a benign tumor can only grow not spreadable

Cancer types

Cancer are innumerable types and it multiplies into 100 diseases.

* Carcinomas : A type of cancer that begins in the skin cells or in the tissue lining the internal organs. That are able to grow in metastasize and it causes Prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer

* Sarcomas : A rare type of cancer cell that affects the soft connective tissues like, fat, muscle, blood vessels, deep skin tissue, cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

* Leukemia : Leukemia is caused by blood cells or bone marrow due to large production that damaged white blood cells. There are four types – acute lymphocytic leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia and chronic myeoid leukemia.

* Lymphomas : The cancer of lymph systems and start growth in the lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell. There causes two types of diseases – Hodgkin and Non Hodgkin Lymphomas.

* Diagnosis : The main screening test for diagnosis are Colonoscopy, Mammography ,Pap test and biopsy

Treatment for cancer

Cancer disease are emotionally and physically exhaustive for treatments its mainly depend on the type of cancer and the stage of the disease.

* Chemotherapy : The method use of chemical drugs to destroy cancer cells and effectiveness of depends on the cancer patients if had experience adverse side effects patient need to consult their doctor.

* Immunotherapy : The immune system to fight against body to cancer cells.

* Radiation Therapy : To control the diseases and kill the cancer cells

* Personalized and Targeted therapies : The specific cancer genes, proteins,the tissue is targeted to kill the growth of the cancer.

* Surgery : Surgery is the removal of cancerous tissue from the body.

* Integrative Medicine : The combination of various treatments and complimentary therapies to help cope with cancer.

Other medical treatment and therapies used are – Stem Cell Transplant, Hyperthermia, Photodynamic Therapy, Blood transfusion and Donation and Laser Treatment.

Home care nursing service for cancer

Cancer treatment is a long and complex process and it make stressful to the patient and their family members. in this situation home healthcare needs constant family support and presence for the cancer treatment. Drugcarts, provide a quality nursing care for chemotherapy to the cancer patient at home services.

The cancer treatments that can be easily provide at home are IV infusions, Chemotherapy, IV antibiotics, Sub – Q injections and IM injections and consult your Oncologist to providev a cancer care at home .

Nursing care plan for chemotherapy for a patient,the nurse will help the patient get relief. An oncology nurse only provides nursing care for cancer patients ,educates the family members and encourages the patient to lead a happy life.

Drugcarts have a team of trained and caring oncology nurses to provide cancer tratment care at home. The nursing care for cancer patients had Skilled oncology nurses for monitoring and reviewing health history, administering medications, chemotherapy, track pathological, laboratory and imaging studies and nurse have regular communication with an Oncologist.

whether you are looking for nursing care for cancer patients, simply get in touch with drugcarts and we will provide the quality nursing care plan for chemotherapy at your home.

Getting 3 benefits from nursing for chemotherapy at home

* Save ur time,travel and money from nursing service at home

* Care for famil members with ur support :.

* Receive medical assistance for treatment of chemotherapy

Nursing for chemotherapy at home

Need nursing for chemotherapy ˃ call us ˃ get the best nursing assistance at home.

Patient Testimonials


I am very satisfied by Physio Sudhir kumar efforts towards the treatment of my ankle & knee.He is a very good doctor & he comes for my treatment on the time asm requested by me. I am thankful for his good service.


Mukesh was excellent with the service and he was able to diagnose the problem very soon and gave the right treatment.


Rakesh was excellent with the service and he was able to diagnose the problem very soon and gave the right treatment.

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