Description Tigecycline

Tigecycline is a synthetic tetracycline (Glycylcycline) antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. It blocks the binding of bacterial cell wall synthesis, which is essential for the proteins required by bacteria to perform their vital functions. Mainly, this bacterial infection targets the abdomen, skin, and skin structure infections, and the lungs.

This medicine is not used for common flu and cold symptoms. And not for the treatment of viral infections.This medicine is commonly prescribed for coughs and colds caused by bacterial and parasitic infections.

This medicine is contraindicated for allergic symptoms such as skin rashes, itching, swelling and breathing difficulties, etc, liver diseases, pancreatitis, and colitis (gastrointestinal diseases).

 Uses of Tygacil Injection

This injection consists of Tigecycline and is used to treat the following certain bacterial infections, such as Intra-abdominal infections, skin, and skin structure infections, and Pneumonia.