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Hospitalization for patient must have high cost when a patient causes chronic diseases they need proper care and requires medical equipment with qualified attendant and nurses at home.

Obtaining medical equipment on rent or purchase has never been more convenient at your doorstep. During difficult phases of life, you or someone might need to depend on the different medical equipment to regain your normal life. Care at home provides a wide range of medical equipment for rent or purchase making healthcare more feasible and affordable cost through drug carts. Don’t worry for equipment supply by the vendor.

Use of medical equipment:

Oxygen cylinder

It’s used to manage in the emergency situation by the people who required medical oxygen due to decreases in level of oxygen in blood.

Oxygen concentrator

Mainly used as an inert sources there need long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) to patients at home.


CPAP is used in the treatment of sleep aponea. It generally needs to deliver single pressure and Bi-PAP is used in inhale and exhale pressure in air ways that have respiratory problem.

Wheel chair

It’s used by people for whom walking is difficult or due to physiological illness, injury or disability.

Cardiac monitor

Cardiac monitoring is used to identify the heart rhythm disorder and its part of essential need in emergency medicine, and electrocardiography

Hospital bed

This is used for bedsores treatment, decubitus pressure ulcers and for chronic bedridden patients, who need to develop pressure sores with low cost.

Suction machine

The suction machine used to pull out mucus, saliva, blood, secretions or other fluids for clearing the airway for easy breathing and prevent from aspiration.

DVT pump

To deliver with proper compression to blood within the arteries so that blood doesn’t clot.


A medical device that provides with oxygen to a patient who are unable to breathe on their own.


Respiratory Care

Nothing is better than the cure. Our completed range of respiratory devices like advanced homecare ventilators, BiPAP, CPAP, oxygen concentrator, pulse oximeter.

Sleep Therapy

The diagnostic test package it includes sleep related disorders and management. Sleep study with free CPAP titration for 2 days from drugcarts

Mobility Care & Geriatric

Drugcarts provide complete range of geriatric and mobility care includes air mattresses, hospital beds, wheelchairs, mobility aids like walker, walking stick etc.

View Physio Care and Orthopedic surgeries

Orthopedic surgeries like total Knee, hip replacement, patient requires a wide range of equipments.

Care for cardiac

The medical equipment for care for people suffering from cardiac is ECG, multipara monitor, syringe pump, infusion pump

Care for mother & Baby

Both them need the best care possible post delivery. Drug carts provide the care products like breast pumps, baby weighing scale, bottle...


Get from drugcarts when you need any medical equipment for rent or purchase. Check our full details of medical equipment catalogue for rent or buy delivered at your doorstep through online, via email, a phone call.


Don’t wait for long time and stress yourself for visiting a clinic or hospitals to monitor your treatment. Drug carts provide availability of best medical equipment to buy or rent from market. Just search in Google medical equipments near me and they delivered at your home


Q1: How to take the medical equipment for rent?

A1: To rent a medical equipment, you can either book online (By Visiting:, via email (Email: or give a call

Q2: What are the available equipments at drug carts?

A2: Drug carts a wide range of medical equipment including hospital cot & mattresses, cardiac range, mobility range and respiratory range equipments. Visit the website to view the completed details about medical equipment catalogue.

Q3: What is the minimum period for equipment rental?

You can take rent equipment on a monthly basis. However, we do ensure flexibility on-need your needs.

Q4: Drug carts can provide for purchase of medical equipment?

A4: Drug carts can provide for purchase of medical equipment?

Q5: Whether I need to collect the medical equipment from drucarts?

A5: Drugcarts deliver the medical equipment to home at your doorstep.

Patient Testimonials


I am very satisfied by Physio Sudhir kumar efforts towards the treatment of my ankle & knee.He is a very good doctor & he comes for my treatment on the time asm requested by me. I am thankful for his good service.


Mukesh was excellent with the service and he was able to diagnose the problem very soon and gave the right treatment.


Rakesh was excellent with the service and he was able to diagnose the problem very soon and gave the right treatment.

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