Nursing Care For Patient Attendant

Nursing Care For Patient Attendant

Need Patient Attendant at home? We proudly inform you that Drugcarts has taken an initiative to provide you with the best quality of nursingcare services at home. Book an appointment at Drugcarts to get expert Patient Attendant service in the comfort of home.

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The job of a patient attendant involves caring for the elders, who are disabled or the chronically sick. Patient attendants are trained, certified and undergo on job training to boost their skills and knowledge. The patient attendants works include like nursing assistants, nurse’s aides, home health aides, geriatric aides and hospital attendants.

Patient attendants work with patients a healthcare facility at home and save the time to travel.


They are varies job responsibilities

* getting signature from the doctor for maintaining its records and medical chart

* specimen collecting lab from patient attendants

* the transportation of the patient to the home.

* Help with daily activities like bathing and dressing to the patient

* keep support to the patient when walking

* A patient care attendant is to communicate the patient’s needs with effective

* Had a responsible for feeding the patient with dietary needs are met

* Training for medical devices and equipment as required

* administration of medication is important of the primary responsibilities of a patient attendant

* Patient attendants also help the patient when changing the position when sick condition


A well trained patient attendant have some skills like

* Understanding of medical terminology, diseases and procedures

* Trained well to administer first aid and CPR procedurewhen needed

* A patient caretaker should have an own interest in the health and well-being of their patient

* Needs of patients in care

* They should be able to work independently

* Respect, dignity, confidentiality,trustworthy by a patient attendant.

* Should have time management skills

* An important factor should have good physical strength and stamina to work.


The elderly patients always prefer to recover in surroundings of a home than a hospital. Patient attendants wish the people free how your at home healthcare services, in which we provide a quality, a well trained and completely know about the elder patient and visit at home. Whether your looking for an effective patient home care ˃be in touch with us ˃ provide care to the patient with friendly. We need female and male attendant for patients special respect for the type of patient attendant.

Patient Testimonials


I am very satisfied by Physio Sudhir kumar efforts towards the treatment of my ankle & knee.He is a very good doctor & he comes for my treatment on the time asm requested by me. I am thankful for his good service.


Mukesh was excellent with the service and he was able to diagnose the problem very soon and gave the right treatment.


Rakesh was excellent with the service and he was able to diagnose the problem very soon and gave the right treatment.

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