Kapiva Dia Free Juice 1 ltr

Brand Name Kapiva Dia Free Juice 1 ltr
Key Ingredient karela, amla, jamun
Key Benefits Helps controls blood sugar level, regulates carbohydrate metabolism, restores energy, prevents complications
Category AYUSH
Country of Origin India
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Medical Description of Kapiva Dia Free Juice 1 ltr

Kapiva Dia Free Juice is an ayurvedic medicine that has ingredients such as Amla, Karela, and Jamun. These are the herbs known for controlling blood sugar levels. They regulate carbohydrate metabolism and control the blood sugar level. Regular intake of Dia free juice makes smooth metabolic function, releases toxins, has good absorption of nutrients.It does not have any added sugar. It is the safest medicine to control sugar levels. Contains karela, Amla, jamun as its basic natural constituents 

ingredients of the Kapiva Dia Free Juice 1 ltr

Contains karela, Amla, jamun as its basic constituents.

Direction for use Kapiva Dia Free Juice 1 ltr

Always use along with water for better results.

Do not use it if you suffer from serious complications from diabetes.


Take 30 ml of water mix equal quantity of. Dia juice ad take 2 times a day

Or consult a physician if you have any bothersome symptoms.

Safety infomatim and precaution

Store in a cool place. 

Once open, make sure to keep closed safely at room temperature. Do not expose to sunlight.

Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.