Lama Immunity Kit

Brand Name Lama Immunity Kit
Key Ingredient Chyawanprash special 1 kg, giloy satva50gm, Aswagandha churna 100gm, yastimadhu churna 100 gm
Key Benefits Helps to boost immune system, prevent cold and cough, smoothens heart function, relieve depression, improves liver function
Product Form Paste-tablet-churna
Pack Kit Packing
Category AYUSH
Country of Origin India
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Medical Description of Lama Immunity Kit

Lava immunity kit contains Chyawanprash Special ,Giloy Satwa, Ashwagandha Churna, Yasthismadhu Churna. This combination helps improve the general immunity against infections. It can help prevention against the repiratory infections. It can help to purify blood, eliminate toxins ad improve healing.This also helps in improving digestive and respiratory functions.It helps to maintain normal functioning of nervous system, improves pita disorders, helps to relieve depression.Also prevents common cold and throat infections.Lava immunity kit can reduce the cholestrol level and supports live functions

ingredients of the Lama Immunity Kit

Chyawanprash Special contains active ingredients as Clerodendrum plomidi, Aegle marmelos, Oroxylum indicum. Giloy Satwa having Giloy. Ashwagandha Churna has Ashwagandha, And Yastimadhu Churna has Yastimadhu as active ingredient.

Direction for use Lama Immunity Kit

This medicine has different combination of ingredients, so must be taken with the advice of a physician, Read the leaflet before using. Must take the individual products seperately.Do not mix the medicines of different packs together.


Must be taken as recommended by the physician. Do not exceed the recommended dosage for each ingredient. This has to be take after food.

Safety infomatim and precaution

Do not keep in direct sunlight. Keep away from children. Before using read the leaflet carefully.