Kapiva Ginger Burst Honey 250 gm

Brand Name Kapiva Ginger Burst Honey 250 gm
Key Benefits Pure honey for weight loss that helps curb appetite. Loaded with vitamins and minerals that help maintain good health.
Product Form Honey
Category AYUSH
Country of Origin India
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Medical Description of Kapiva Ginger Burst Honey 250 gm

Kapiva Ginger Burst Honey 250gm is created from bee honey that's collected from the forests. The taste, aroma and consistency area unit totally different than the regular bee house honey that most brands area unit commerce these days. This pure, organic honey doesn't contain saccharide or artificial flavours. there's no value-added sugar or preservatives. This natural Ginger Honey may be a pure honey that helps maintain heart health, acts as AN immunity booster and helps improve digestion.