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Consult Doctor Online at Drugcarts for Medical Need

Forget the commotion of booking appointments. Consult a doctor at your facility with drugcarts.where offer premium healthcare services through the network of well experienced and best certified doctors. Jump the struggle of rush hour and waiting in queues and get advice anytime and anywhere. Drugcarts give you access to over 5000 highly well trained medical experts. You get the most Excellent medical services by drugcarts. Combined with best advanced treatment and most accurate diagnosis, a subscription to drugcarts. can help you get in touch with well reputed healthcare professionals.

Get online doctor consultation simply and protectively via the drugcarts platform where individual specialized general physicians, ayurvedic doctors, dietician, skin specialist, sexologists, gynaecologists, nutritionists, psychiatrist are connected to offer medical assistance via different mode of communication. Now you can consult with online doctors 24*7 and healthcare professionals from anywhere and anytime by connecting with us. Now join with online doctor consultation network through Drugcarts platform and app to get to ask health related queries freely, health consultations and quick appointments.

Get online doctor consultation-safe, Secure and Easy:

Drugcarts is the excellent online doctor consultation app that has transformed the way people in india think and take of their health and fitness needs. Doctors connected with drugcarts are well experienced and professionally trained. Many of them have an experience over 20 years and do the best service to their patients. Now connect with professional and experience physician anytime and anywhere you need, Drugcarts helps the patients to connect doctors which are out of boundaries. A smart way to get answer to your health queries from a well experienced doctor online

Excellent medical platform to provide online doctor consultation connecting over 10 million users to over 100000 top doctors of the country. Every doctor go through a rigid verification process on drugcarts. Definetely you get best solution for your problems and queries by just one click. Visit our official website of drugcarts or download drugcarts app to consult doctor online. Within an hour, you will get perfect solution for your problem

Consult with verified doctors online personally:

Health information and personal information’s provided by person or patients during process of consultation will always confidential. Drugcarts assured you 100% privacy protection, as the data provided by the patients is most important and we at drugcarts stick to this. Patients during the Proceedings of consultation will remain confidential. Drugcarts assured you 100% privacy protection, as the data provided by the patients is most important and we at drugcarts stick to this. Patients need not to worry as all the data is protected and secured.

At drugcarts, we provide best medical assistance at comfortable prices. Since all conversation and consultations are completely confidential, hence you can share a complete history of your medical concerns to the doctor without any hesitation. Consult Specialized and experienced doctors online and get immediate medical response and solution for your health problems only at drugcarts.

Different mode of consultation with doctors online:

Nowadays technologies are filling the gap in requirements of healthcare. These technologies also help in providing quality treatment to patients living in rural areas of the country and may need medical attention.

These various modes of online consultation with doctors are available, which are purely safe, secured and comfortable.

At drugcarts, patients can connect with certified experienced doctors using these technologies. Here we are offering 3 consultation modes to the patient to exchange health data records via text or chat, phone and video consultation to get medical assistant. Choice of technology for consultation is yours.

You can select the best methods to connect doctor online and get healthcare requests to inform of - Audio call, video call, or text consultation. If first aid services or minor treatments, a text consultation works good and patients also probably statisfied. At drugcarts, all of these online consultations methods are the more affordable and effective method to see your doctor

How online doctor consultation process works at drugcarts?

Now consult with professional doctor online at drugcarts personally by following steps. Online doctor consultation process works very simple. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1:

Selection of doctor:

You can select the doctor based on your problems and symptoms. You can also search doctor easily from search panel from anywhere. Always checkout doctor details before you select.

Step 2:

Select preffered consultation method:

After selecting a doctor, you can think about consultation mode, which is comfortable for you to share your problem clearly to doctor. In which case doctor understands your case better. Here 3 mode of communication are offered, you can communicate a doctor online through text, phone and video call

Step 3:

Explain the purpose of consultation in details:

Here you need to share about your basic details and information about yourself, which is only shown to the doctor as per guidelines. Tell out your problems and medical history all the details.

Step 4:

pay consultation fee online:

You can select the doctor based on your problems and symptoms. You can also search doctor easily from search panel from anywhere. Always checkout doctor details before you select.

Step 5:

Connect with doctor:

Get in connect with your doctor to get diagnosis and exact treatment for your condition

Refund policy on online doctor consultation:

We have refund policy on consultation at drugcarts. If a patient is not satisfied with this consultation, they can inform us through mail or review. We will analyse the consultation with the doctor for further clearance. 100% refund will be granted in genuine surroundings.

Drugcarts is the best choice for your Medical needs. Drugcarts is very simple and best service.