Sports Injury Treatment

Physiotherapy Treatment For Sports Injury

Whether it’s a fracture, dislocation of joints, sprains or strains that you’re looking to recover from. You can now get treated in the comfort of your home, by certified, specialized and experienced physiotherapists. To get in-home sports injury treatment in your city, begin here.

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Sports injuries are mainly affect an athlete participate in sports, training and or exercises. With lack of condition due to a certain task like without warm up, excersise, playing leads to sport injuries.

Athletes put their body with a pressur it sometimes leads to wear and tear the muscles, joints and bones .Sports physiotherapists have sports specific knowledge and helping the athletes make rapid recovery.


* Muscle Strain : when a muscle is overstretched and tears and it will affect the quadriceps, calves, quadriceps, groin, lower back and the shoulder. Through Drugcarts, we had highly skilled , experienced sports physiotherapists at home.

* Torn ACL : A Torn ACL is extremely painful and restricts the ability to walk. Through Drugcarts a physiotherapy near me.

* Torn MCL : It is another form of knee injury, a medial collateral ligament that connects the femur to the tibia is injured.

* Shin Splits : a common injury found among runners at the lower leg or shin area

* Stress Fracture : the muscles are no longer able to absorb the pressure and result in fracture.

* Plantar Fasciitis : : Plantar Fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament ,treated with rest, ice, non steroids anti – inflammatory drugs and stretching exercises in severe pain.

* Sprained Ankle : the ligament at the joint gets overstretched due to incorrect stepping or stepping on a surface or due to twists and rolls.

* Tennis Elbow : an injury that affects the tendons lin outside of the elbows take some rest and anti – inflammatory medicine in some severe cases.

* Achilles tendonitis : the inflammation of the lower back of the leg above the heel. Physical activity usually treated with rest, ice, stretching.


* have a sports gear and equipment otherwise it causes injury.

* Give a heavy physical activity before start sports

* an experienced trainer will train you in a proper manner.

* Over training will lead to muscle strain or injury take some break.

* starting from low to high level leads to lot of injury and strain.

* wear proper footwear; ladies don’t wear high heels for long period.

* First listen to your body are it makes discomfort.


It can take weeks or months for one to recover completely from injury depending on the body. physiotherapist helps with exercises it stimulates the tissues, muscles and stretching ,strengthening exercises use to reduce of pain for the injury.

the outlook of a experienced sports physiotherapist when you need get in touch with us. Drugcarts visit and give physiotherapy treatment the comfort at your home.

Patient Testimonials


I am very satisfied by Physio Sudhir kumar efforts towards the treatment of my ankle & knee.He is a very good doctor & he comes for my treatment on the time asm requested by me. I am thankful for his good service.


Mukesh was excellent with the service and he was able to diagnose the problem very soon and gave the right treatment.


Rakesh was excellent with the service and he was able to diagnose the problem very soon and gave the right treatment.

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